The Festival Absence was launched on February 6, 2003 through an e-mail sent to about twenty people. The message was as follows :

« Announcement
the festival absence is beginning now.
To participate, all you have to do is to produce one or more events, or realisations, concerning sound.
The festival absence has no precise location, nor dates, nor programme. It can take place anywhere, any time, and may include any type of sound production.
The festival absence has no financial support, publicity or media coverage. If you participate, you can let us know by sending a message to this address. The information will be collected.
Don’t hesitate to pass this on to other people who might be interested ».


This announcement is ongoing. You can share your reactions, or let us know of some action specially made for the Festival Absence, on the Forum of this website. Messages can include attached files (sound, pictures), and visitors can consult your contribution, and answer if they wish. You can also send your remarks or information more confidentially by clicking Contact, or addressing